Debt Collection

AI Debt Collection

100% Automated in the cloud. Our AI handles everything for you with all payments going straight to your bank account.

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The Old Way

AI Debt Collection



Just enter their contact info and how much they owe



The AI will reach out by text, email, or social media to your customer and chat with them



Up to double the usual payments, due to our advanced technology

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Chat With Our Collections Bot

What We Offer is a cloud billing service that operates on your behalf. Our AI chatbot contacts the debtor using your company name, keeping the tone friendly. But, to show them the seriousness of their situation, we gave our AI the name "Collections Bot". Collections Bot customizes its tactics based on how the debtor behaves, and if they refuse to pay, it will threaten to take legal action. All of this is 100% automated and helps you get your money faster, with a higher recovery rate.

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Consumer Debt Recovery

We collect personal loans, credit cards, automobile loans, payday loans, utility bills, and student loans.

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Business Debt Recovery

We collect from sole proprietorships, partnerships, virtual/remote companies, multinational corporations, and all other types of commercial enterprises.

How Use Our Service

We have not launched yet, but if you are interested email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a collections agency collects the money in their own bank account and gives you a percentage. Our AI acts as your billing agent and gets the debtor to pay you directly.

No, we try to take a less adversarial tone to the collections process, by having the AI work with the debtor to come up with a payment plan that they are comfortable with.

Because we are acting as an extension of your billing department, no paperwork (such as proof of debt) is required. We just need the debtor's contact info and the amount of their debt.

We will give you those accounts to a collections attorney, to use more threating methods to collect your money.

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